Em’s Pesto Pasta

Em’s Pesto Pasta: Gluten Free, Vegetarian and DELICIOUS! 

Will be ready in around: 20-25 minutes

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Pasta cooking + Gratin time: 10 + 5 minutes

Yields: 4 portions

I love it when other people cook delicious gluten-free vegetarian food for me! My friend Em came up with this nutritious, tasty and healthy pasta recipe and I must share it with you guys (:

Even though this is a pasta recipe, it’s super healthy and it contains everything we need in a meal: protein (nuts and whole pasta), the win combo that is iron with vitamin C (spinach and lemon), vitamins (pesto) and taste (Parmesan)!

Tip: You can make it vegan by replacing the cheese by vegan cheese or nutritional yeast.


-450 g of any whole gluten-free pasta (I prefer gluten-free pasta made of whole rice flour rather than corn/maize flour, simply  because it tastes and cooks just like normal pasta!)

-2 tbsp olive oil

-200 g pesto sauce (homemade or organically bought, see the picture below of the brand I use)


-100 g or 1 cup pine nuts

-1 cup fresh spinach

-1 lemon for lemon juice

-1 tbs freshly shredded (lactose-free) Parmesan cheese (or vegan cheese)

-Salt and pepper to taste

-Optional: 2 more tbsp of freshly shredded (lactose-free) Parmesan cheese (or vegan cheese) for a gratin

Transformation time!

-Cook the gluten-free pasta: boil a large casserole of water with a bit of olive oil and a pinch of salt, then add the pasta, wait for it to cook (depending on the brand, check the box for exact time), then strain it.


-In the same casserole where you cooked the pasta, add some olive oil then the cooked pasta. Add the pesto and lemon juice, then mix with a wooden spoon. Also add the salt and pepper.


-Separately, heat the oven at 200 C / 400 F

-To the pasta casserole, add the nuts, then mix.


-Then, 1 tbsp of cheese. Finally, add the spinach.


-Mix and put the pasta in a glass bakeware/roaster


-Optional: Add the rest of the cheese on top and leave it in the oven for a few minutes for a gratin (I’ll admit I added too much cheese for the gratin in the picture below and didn’t leave it long enough in the oven!)


-Serve immediately (:

Bon appétit!