“Move” isn’t only about exercising, it is also about discovering the world around us. Travelling is an absolute passion of mine; I love to learn new languages, study local history of all regions, observe new cultures, try different foods, find out about local traditions and discover diverse ways of life around the world.

To travel the world is my biggest dream, meaning I wish to visit all continents not as a tourist but as a citizen of the world. I guess that’s also why I study International Development, hoping I’ll get to travel and live in lots of different places while working!

It all started before my first birthday, when I went on an airplane for the first time… (The picture below is little me at a park in London!) I was born in Brazil and moved to the UK when I was only eleven months old.  My family and I lived there for over a year, before going back to Brazil and then moving to Quebec, Canada in 2009. During the time when we were learning French and trying to adapt to a new country and weather, I had the unique opportunity to meet people from all over the world, mostly the Middle-East, Eastern Europe and Latin America, who had moved here for various reasons and came from diversified realities.


I see travelling as an opportunity to be open-minded to different peoples, cultures, languages, foods, traditions and ways of life, as well as an opportunity to live new experiences. And even if I still consider it as “getting away” from the routine, I would love for it to BE my routine!

Yep, I was bitten by the travel bug and can’t help it.  I truly hope it happened to you too (:

Venezia, Italia

I believe that when you travel, you learn so much about yourself and the world we’re in. I personally discovered my deep fascination for abandoned houses, doors and windows…

Lisboa, Portugal
Amsterdam, Holland
Belo Horizonte, Brasil
British Columbia, Canada
Charlevoix_Agosto2012 274.JPG
Charlevoix, Québec

I have many more trips coming up, and wish to share some of my adventures, experiences and travelling tips on this blog! So don’t forget to regularly check out the “Move” section of Think, Move, Eat!